Scheduled maintenance with K&M Equipment ensures that your equipment always works to full capacity.

Whether you want an annual service or just need to make sure that everything is in working order,

An annual contract includes planned maintenance ensuring your equipment stays working.

Wear and tear from regular use can have a negative effect on any machine, and if left could result in loss of efficiency or breakdown.

Our planned maintenance service can identify potential problems with your equipment, making adjustments and repairs where needed. At the same time ensuring that you are compliant with any regulatory standards.

  • Component checks – all components and parts are examined to make sure they are working properly and are in good working condition
  • Water pressure and drainage checks – ensuring that water is flowing properly without any unnecessary wastage
  • Health and safety – machine safety checks are carried out and fully certified

If our engineers find that a repair is needed this will be carried out quickly and efficiently. You will also be provided with a detailed service report.

Our engineers can also help you with queries on the correct cleaning procedures.

They can also help you decide whether to repair or replace any of your equipment aiding efficiency and saving money on any repairs in.